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Silva & Silva has litigated and participated in numerous cases within the field of product liability. This field encompasses the negligent design and/or manufacture of a product, as well as the failure to warn consumers about the dangers associated with the use of a particular product.


Some drugs that physicians prescribe can cause death or serious, permanent injury. Moreover, some drugs may also be harmful when used in conjunction with other drugs. In those instances, both the physician and the pharmaceutical laboratory that manufactures and markets the prescription or over-the-counter drug have a duty to warn the consumer about these risks.

negligent design or manufacture

Many cases in which the Firm has been involved have included the negligent design and/or manufacture of systems, parts, and equipment in:

  • ​Automobiles, such as airbags, seatbelts, and tires.
  • Airplanes, such as altimeters and negligent design of component parts.
  • Railroads, such as the negligent design of precautionary signs.
  • Pleasure watercraft, such as the negligent design of safety features.
  • Industrial machinery, such as the negligent design of safety options.
  • Transfusions, such as negligent testing of blood products.
  • Prescription drugs, such as the failure to warn of side effects of a particular medicine, or the negligent inclusion of a chemical ingredient in a drug, such as in the drugs Contact, Robitussin, etc., that contained phenylpropanolamine (PPA), which has now been taken off the market.
  • Household items that appear non-threatening, such as mini blinds.

The Firm’s involvement in these cases has caused the product manufacturers to change the way they design and manufacture products that you, as consumers, use and rely upon daily.

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