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Wrongful Death of Minor Son –
Medical Malpractice

Erica Rodriguez, Homestead, FL

“The biggest benefit of working with Jorge Silva is the personal attention that he showed to my case. When we came in the door we immediately felt comfortable. He guided us through the entire process and ultimately we became friends. We still talk years later. We talk about the case, we talk about family and that’s what I feel is the biggest benefit. You don’t just know you have an attorney but you’ll also have a friend.”

Catastrophic Neurological Injury to Son – Medical Malpractice

Frank Ryan, Miami, FL

“They treated me with respect and they answered all my questions. I came away feeling that they had my son’s best interest at heart. I felt more like a family member.”

Wrongful Death of Young Daughter – Police Misconduct (Reckless Driving)

Susan Castillo, Doral, FL

“There is a lot of caring and warmth. After getting to know them, they all made me feel very comfortable and very much at ease to know that our case was in good hands. Their personal attention is their biggest benefit. They are available 24/7.”

Wrongful Death of Mother-In-Law – Vehicular Manslaughter (DUI)

Anwar Sadiq, Miami, FL

“It wasn’t about just picking an Attorney, but picking an attorney that knows the law very well, has the experience you need and relates good as well. They really understood the traumatic incident and they felt as if they needed to work to make it right for the family, in the best way they could.”

Wrongful Death of Brother – Motorcycle Collision (Reckless Driving)

Joseph Arocha, Miami, FL

“It was a very difficult time in our family and nobody really understood why it was that any of this was happening. Carlos Silva made us feel like a family again. He wasn’t just a lawyer, he wasn’t just our friend, he was there with us. He made us feel that everything was going to be ok. In the end, we did get the closure we were looking for.”

Wrongful Death of Minor Son –
Product Liability

Juan Serrano, Miami, FL

“We appreciate what they did for us and the way they treated us. I will refer people to them because they are family. They will do the best they can to resolve any problems that you may have in the future.”

Catastrophic Neurological Injury to Husband – Medical Malpractice

Adela Villa de Rey, Miami Beach, FL

“El mayor beneficio de trabajar con Silva & Silva es el calor familiar que te dan durante una situacion grave, en un momento especifico en la vida. Con confianza te guian en el proceso de lo que tienes que hacer.”

Blindness to Father –
Medical Malpractice

Ariel Santiago, Miami, FL

“Family, friendly atmosphere. Before we even started talking about any business, he made us feel comfortable and addressed all our concerns before we even asked him. Working with Jorge Silva was awesome! He kept us updated, he made everything friendly and as painless as possible knowing that what we were going through was already painful enough. Definitely, he will be the first person I will recommend.”

Irreversible and Profound Heart Damage – Medical Malpractice

Dairo Galeano, Miami Beach, FL

“No fue facil conseguir una persona de confianza en un caso de tanto dinero. Pero al final me funciono muy bien, siempre estuvo atento, tuve buenos resultados y fue fabuloso!”

Catastrophic Neurological Injury to Infant Son – Medical Malpractice

Shawn Norville, Miami, FL

“Very easy to contact, very down to earth, very timely. He was always clear about everything. He told me from day one that we had a goal and we got there. It was perfect!”

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