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Silva & Silva’s product liability attorneys in Miami Beach, FL have litigated and taken part in hundreds of cases involving product liability. This area encompasses the neglectful design and/or manufacture of products, as well as the failure to warn buyers about the risks involved with their use.

Negligent Design or Manufacture of a Product

Numerous cases in which we have been involved dealt with the negligent manufacture and/or design of hardware, systems, and components in the following areas:

  • Pleasure watercraft- Negligent design of the safety features
  • Automobiles– Designing errors in tires, airbags & seatbelts
  • Railroads- Faulty designing of precautionary signs
  • Airplanes- Negligent designing of altimeters and other parts
  • Transfusions– Negligent blood products’ testing
  • Industrial machinery– Negligence in safety option design
  • Household items- Items like mini blinds that appear non-threatening
  • Prescription drugs– Failure to warn of a medication’s side effects. Negligent inclusion of chemical ingredients found in medicines, including Robitussin, Contact, etc. These drugs contained PPA (phenylpropanolamine) that is now off-market.

Due to our firm’s involvement in these cases, manufacturers have altered their manufacturing processes. Companies that design and manufacture a wide variety of products that consumers rely on and use on a daily basis must ensure their products are designed well and safe for use.

Prescriptions That Are Harmful

Certain medications that doctors prescribe can result in serious permanent injury or death. Additionally, specific medications may be harmful to health when combined with other medications. In these instances, both the physician and the pharmacological lab that manufactures and distributes the OTC or prescription drugs are legally required to inform consumers of these risks.

These claims are quite complex, and obtaining sufficient evidence of neglect can be extremely difficult at times. If you wish to file a lawsuit against the manufacturing company, physician, or other parties involved, you should retain the services of an experienced attorney. Our product liability attorneys in Miami Beach, FL, are skilled and experienced in handling these cases to ensure the best possible outcome for our clients.

They will collaborate with you to develop a strong case, increasing your chances of obtaining the remuneration you seek. For more information about how our products liability attorneys in Miami Beach, FL, can help, call Silva & Silva at 305-445-0011, or send us an email through this Online Form.

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