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At Silva & Silva, we have seasoned product liability attorneys in Miami, Florida that have handled a significant number of cases in this area. This area includes products that have a faulty design or have been manufactured improperly. If the manufacturers have failed to warn consumers about risks associated with the use of certain products, the case falls in this category.

Negligent Product Design or Manufacture

Our team has handled countless cases of faulty design or manufacturing of parts, systems, and equipment in categories such as:

  • Household items- Items such as mini blinds that seem non-threatening
  • Automobiles– Design mistakes in seatbelts, airbags, and tires
  • Pleasure watercraft- Negligence in safety feature design
  • Airplanes- Negligent design of altimeters and various other components
  • Transfusions– Negligence in blood products’ testing
  • Industrial machinery– Negligence in safety options design
  • Railroads- Design faults in precautionary signs
  • Prescription drugs– Failure to warn users of a medication’s side effects. Harmful chemical ingredients are present in medicines like Contact, Robitussin, and more. This drugs phenylpropanolamine (PPA) that isn’t on the market any longer

In many of these cases, the manufacturers altered their manufacturing processes because of the action we had taken. Every business that designs and produces products that consumers use and rely on must ensure that the design and manufacture of these items/products are faultless.

Harmful Prescriptions

Some medications that doctors prescribe can potentially cause significant harm or even death. Certain prescription drugs can affect a person’s health when they are taken along with other medications. OTC medications and prescription drugs should also have appropriate labels mentioning their ingredients and side effects clearly.

Product liability claims can become quite involved and it can sometimes be challenging to establish strong evidence of negligence. It’s crucial that you work with an experienced attorney if you plan to take legal action in this situation against the product manufacturer, doctors, and other concerned parties. Our experienced Miami, Florida, product liability lawyers are experienced enough to handle these complex cases and help you get the desired results.

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