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Silva & Silva’s Miami Springs, FL, product liability attorneys have successfully litigated a number of instances involving defective items. Customers face the danger of major damage and long-term effects if they use or ingest any untested, toxic, or faulty items.

Poor-quality commodities kill or hurt thousands of people every year. Major catastrophes are often exacerbated by malfunctioning gas and power utilities.

Lawsuits Against Defective Product Manufacturers

Suing the manufacturer or distributor on behalf of a wronged party may entitle them to compensation. Insurance can help cover medical bills, missing pay, and emotional suffering, regardless of whether things were purchased or used by you. Our Miami Springs, FL products liability lawyers are here to help.

Consumers and their families can file lawsuits against companies that sell products that are tainted by defects. It is crucial to bear in mind the hazards of children’s toys, drugs, and other equipment. Several disasters have occurred as a result of the defects in these items.

Examples of Product Liability Case Negligence

There are different types of negligence in products liability cases, such as:

  • Distribution and manufacturing companies could be found to be responsible for hazardous or faulty products.
  • A product’s inability to identify or correct a serious flaw
  • Insufficient testing is done before an item is sold on the market 
  • The product’s instructions for use are deficient
  • No way to assess the product and whether is safe

Product Liability Lawyers in Miami Springs, Florida

Attorneys in product liability cases will investigate the defective product and all of its components in detail. During their investigation, they will look into who was accountable for the incident that harmed you or a family member.

When it comes to product liability cases, we’ve dealt with a number of similar cases before. You can rely on us for all of your legal needs in the case of a product liability lawsuit. Our team is skilled and committed to protecting our clients’ interests no matter how complex or simple the case.

Our legal team has the knowledge and expertise to vigorously defend your claim. As a result, you gain from their knowledge and experience, which they put to use for your benefit. We can provide you with sound legal advice, ongoing help, and the best legal help. 

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