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After a trucking or car accident, it is vital that you take the guidance of an expert attorney. Silva & Silva’s trucking and auto accident attorneys in Westchester have seen it all when it comes to these cases.

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An accident involving an overloaded heavy vehicle could be disastrous. People are injured when two automobiles crash, but the cars themselves are also destroyed. It is best to consult Westchester trucking and auto accident attorneys with extensive knowledge if you have any queries. 

Choosing a lawyer who has handled similar matters previously is also critical. Selecting a less-than-competent attorney increases your risk of not receiving the amount to which you are legally entitled. Your injuries may entitle you to monetary compensation as a result of a car or truck accident claim. Consider yourself lucky if this is the case.

Aspects of Trucking Accidents

If a huge commercial truck and an automobile collide, attorneys use the phrase “truck accident”. Commercial drivers are skilled in a wide range of methods for transporting commodities. Heavy vehicles and other cars, as well as individual automobiles cause most crashes.

Because of someone’s negligence or recklessness, trucking accidents are widespread on the main roads of the United States. The driver may not have been able to stop the truck in time or may have been speeding on a busy route. Overloaded trucks may collapse or slide and injure both drivers and their vehicles, resulting in catastrophic injuries or damage to both.

Aspects About Vehicle Collisions

Non-profit groups in Florida and around the country are working to raise public awareness about the need of safe driving habits in order to reduce traffic accidents. Despite the efforts of these organizations to educate the public, incidents continue to occur. Automobile accidents are caused by a variety of factors.

When a motorist exceeds the speed limit, operates in poor weather conditions, or ignores traffic regulations, they are driving carelessly or irresponsibly. Car and truck accident victims are entitled to compensation from all involved parties.

You may be able to recover medical bills that your insurance company refuses to pay if you explore these legal channels. For more details and information about how our trucking & auto accident attorneys in Westchester, can help you, call Silva & Silva at this number-305-445-0011. You can also drop us a line via this Online Form.

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