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Collisions between trucks and cars can result in significant, life-altering injuries and long-lasting health problems. At Silva & Silva, our trucking & auto accident lawyers in Miami, FL, has litigated a substantial number of complex truck and automobile accident cases on behalf of individuals who sustained traumatic injuries and, in certain cases, wrongful death.

Reputable Trucking & Auto Accident Attorneys in Miami, FL

We are a dedicated group of attorneys who understand the critical nature of investigating thoroughly and promptly. We recognize that the task must begin immediately and that funds must be made available. This urgency arises from the high importance of evaluating and documenting the accident scene quickly to prevent tampering with the evidence.

How Skilled and Knowledgeable Trial Lawyers Can Assist

Some people believe that victims of truck accidents and other vehicle accidents do not need the support and assistance of a lawyer to manage their lawsuit and obtain compensation from their health insurance. When you choose not to consult a lawyer, the insurance provider realizes that the person with whom they are dealing is not currently pursuing legal action and they end up compensating the victim inadequately.

When you choose not to consult a lawyer, the insurance provider judges that the person with whom they are dealing is not currently pursuing legal action and they end up compensating the victim inadequately. When you work with capable and skilled trucking and motor vehicle accident attorneys in Miami, FL, it raises your chances of obtaining the desired outcome.

1. Creating an End-of-Life Care Plan

We follow this process when handling your case:

• Our investigators perform the investigation and arrange for a team of professional experts. Depending on the case, these professionals may include economists, chemists, vocational rehabilitation specialists, architects, engineers, clinicians, and metallurgists.
• Additionally we also bring in accident reconstructionists, pilots, auditors, psychologists, human factors specialists, investigators, accountants, and criminologists, and investigators, as required.

2. The Expenses Covered in the Plan

These professionals create a Life Care Plan, assess, and convey the injured person’s needs so the person can maintain a high quality of life. The plan is designed to cover the following expenses:

• Typically, these requirements entail millions of dollars in costs. We have an excellent reputation for obtaining compensation on behalf of our clients. Our trucking & auto accident attorneys in Miami, FL, are committed to our clients. This commitment is maintained even after a satisfactory resolution has been reached.

• Occasionally, the settlements involve exceptional circumstances. For instance, if the injured party is disabled, the court may appoint a guardian who will ensure that the funds recovered are used appropriately and fairly.

• Additionally, the judge must authorize the settlement in order to ensure the individual’s rights and interests are adequately protected and satisfied. Occasionally, clients invest some of the money in annuities or place it in a special-needs trust, which necessitates proper financial planning.

Why Do You Need a Professional Lawyer to Represent You?

Numerous cases handled by our Miami, Florida, law firm involve serious injuries. The victim had been previously self-sufficient but was paralyzed in a matter of seconds due to spinal or brain trauma. Following these life-changing traumatic events, the victims have to reassess numerous aspects of their lives, such as daily tasks, family responsibilities, and employment.

In these types of cases, the involvement of trucking & auto accident attorneys in Miami, FL, is critical. This is because the injured party must dedicate their energy to maintaining their physical and mental health in the face of adversity.

We are committed to assisting you during this difficult time, and our team is focused on ensuring you get the financial compensation you justly deserve. For more information about how our trucking & auto accident attorney in Miami, FL, can help, call Silva & Silva at 305-445-0011, or send us an email through this Online Form and one of our team members will call you shortly.


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