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Trucking and automobile accidents can cause permanent, life-altering injuries. At Silva & Silva, our Trucking & Auto Accident Attorneys in Coral Gables, FL, have handled a significant number of complex trucking and motor vehicle accident litigations for clients that suffered catastrophic injuries and, sometimes, wrongful death.

Committed Trucking & Auto Accident Attorneys In Coral Gables, FL

We are a highly committed team of attorneys that believes in the merits of an early and comprehensive investigation. We understand that the process must be started immediately and advance the necessary financial resources. This urgency arises because experts must document the accident scene as quickly as possible as evidence can be altered or lost.

How Experienced and Skilled Trial Lawyers Can Help

Some people believe that trucking and other motor vehicle accident victims do not require a lawyer to handle their case and get compensation from their insurance coverage. However, when you do this, the insurance company realizes that the individual they are dealing with isn’t currently taking the case to court and will likely offer the victim unfair compensation.

On the other hand, when you engage the services of skilled and seasoned trucking &motor accident attorneys, it increases the chances of getting the compensation you deserve. We follow this process while handling your case:

Devising a Life Care Plan

Our experts complete the investigation, assemble a team of experienced professionals such as architects, engineers, economists, chemists, vocational rehabilitation specialists, physicians, and metallurgists. In addition, accident re-constructionists, human factors specialists, pilots, forensic specialists, accountants, auditors, psychologists, and criminalists are also part of this team. 

These experts devise a Life Care Plan to analyze and present what the injured victims will need to maintain a good quality of life. This plan includes costs such as:

  • Home health care- nurses and nurse’s aides
  • Medical consultations
  • Medications
  • Therapy
  • Specialized vans
  • Elevators
  • Modified homes
  • Medical equipment
  • Other

In most cases, the costs of these needs can run into millions of dollars. We have been very successful in helping our clients get the compensation they rightfully deserve. Our

trucking & auto accident attorneys in Coral Gables, FL, are committed to our clients. This commitment continues even after we achieve a favorable resolution.

Sometimes settlements involve exceptional circumstances. For example, if the injured individual becomes incompetent, the court will have to appoint a guardian to ensure that the monies received are used properly and ethically.

The settlement also requires court approval to ensure that the client is well protected and satisfied. Sometimes, clients also invest the monies they have received in annuities or a special-needs trust and require proper financial planning.

Why You Need Professional Legal Representation

Many of the cases our legal firm in Coral Gables, Florida, handles contain catastrophic injuries. In these injuries, the person was an independent human being, was left incapacitated suddenly within seconds. Most of these damages involve traumatic brain injuries or spinal cord injuries. These life-altering injuries force people to readjust various aspects of their lives, including everyday functions, their role in their family, and their jobs.

The involvement of a trucking & auto accident attorney in Coral Gables, FL, is crucial in these types of cases. Its because the injured person must devote all their energies to living the highest possible quality of life under the given circumstances.

We are here with you every step of the way in this challenging journey, and our team is committed to ensuring you get the financial compensation you deserve. For more information about how our trucking & auto accident attorney in Coral Gables, FL, can help, call Silva & Silva at 305-445-0011, or send us an email through this Online Form.

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