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Truck and auto accident cases need a well-versed legal team that can ask probing questions about the facts and circumstances surrounding the tragedy. Silva & Silva’s Sunrise, FL Trucking and Auto Accident Attorneys have resolved scores of trucking and car accident cases.

Why Hire Attorneys in Sunrise, FL for Trucking & Auto Accidents?

Trucks, tankers, loaders, and 18-wheelers are so massive that collisions often result in horrific injuries or deaths. Many car accidents may also end in significant injury or death. It is imperative that you hire an experienced Sunrise, FL trucking and auto accident attorney in order to deal with these issues.

Accidents involving commercial trucks may have life-changing financial ramifications, necessitating the skills of an experienced attorney. Choosing truck accident attorneys with minimal experience in settling litigation might cost you a significant amount of money. Truck and car accident cases have the same level of detail, and our experienced attorneys can help you get the compensation you deserve.

Aspects Of Truck Accidents

Whenever a large commercial vehicle is involved in an accident, attorneys often refer to truck accidents. It is common for commercial trucks to be used to transport goods and supplies, and their drivers are professional. Truck accidents, in legal terms, pertain to accidents of bigger vehicles; including excavators, tow trucks, 18-wheelers, heavy industrial vehicles, and gigantic concrete mixers.

Reckless or hazardous driving by the truck driver or another driver is a common cause of truck accidents. The truck driver’s ability to maintain control and use the brakes may be impaired if the vehicle is under-or over-loaded. Therefore, when involved in an accident, large cars are more prone to flip over or swerve.

Collision Factors in Automobiles

Despite the efforts of several organizations throughout the country and in every state to improve automobile, road, and driver safety and education, automobile accidents continue to occur. Accidents occur for a variety of causes, including people texting while at the wheel, speeding in bad weather, and failing to obey traffic laws.

Choosing to file a personal injury lawsuit after a trucking or automotive accident may be an option for you. Medical bills, long-term care expenses, and other uninsured expenses may all be reimbursed via these types of claims.

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