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Injuries caused in a truck-car accident may sometimes last a lifetime. Our Hialeah, FL, trucking and auto accident attorneys at Silva & Silva have successfully handled many complex cases. We’ve taken on matters involving life-altering disabilities and even death due to negligence.

Experienced Trucking & Auto Accident Lawyers in Hialeah, FL

We are a group of attorneys dedicated to conducting investigations as entirely and swiftly as possible. This activity must begin immediately, and we need to allocate suitable funds. There is a need for urgency because someone may temper with or destroy the evidence if the victim or their family doesn’t report the collision site promptly.

You must recognize that if you attempt to manage the dispute on your own, the insurance provider will see that you will not pursue the case in court. Therefore, you may get unequal compensation. Hiring trucking and auto accident attorneys will improve your chances of collecting the money you deserve.

Trucking & Auto Accident Lawyers in Hialeah, FL – Our Work Process

Our experts collect information, after which they build a team of experts that includes scientists, occupational rehabilitation specialists, doctors, and metallurgists. This category includes accident reconstructionists, human factors specialists, forensic specialists, auditors/auditors, psychologists, and criminalists.

These specialists create a life care plan for harmed individuals that details their unique needs for a reasonable standard of living. The expenditures of a typical accident victim can be significantly high. We’ve had a great deal of success in assisting individuals in receiving the restitution they deserve. Not many other firms handle cases how we do and this is one of the things setting us apart from others in the field, benefiting our clients.

Do You Need The Services Of A Lawyer To Represent You In A Legal Matter?

In these cases, experienced trucking and automobile accident attorneys are critical because an injured person must devote all they have to achieve the best possible result given the circumstances. Our legal staff is kind and efficient, and they will assist you in overcoming this obstacle.

We’re here to support you every step of the way and our entire team is dedicated to seeing that you get the monetary settlement you deserve. For more information about how our trucking & auto accident attorney in Hialeah, FL, can help, call Silva & Silva at 305-445-0011

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If actions speak louder than words, then our verdicts & settlements call out our dedication to achieving the best possible results for our clients.

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