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It is possible to be subjected to exposure to dangerous compounds either all at once and slowly over a long period when working in the same location. Exposure to toxic substances can lead to pollution of the environment as well as harm to human health. Contaminants in the air, whether indoors or out, can nonetheless affect workers and the public.

Anyone harmed by hazardous exposure can turn to the toxic tort lawyers in Sunrise, FL, at Silva & Silva. Fortunately, we’ve found a solution that will allow you to return to regular activities as soon as possible. These situations can be challenging, but we’re here to help you through them with our legal expertise, knowledge, and resources.

What Are Toxic Tort Claims?

Malignancies, uncommon blood diseases, birth deformities, mesothelioma, and other life-threatening conditions can develop from long-term exposure to harmful chemicals. Toxic chemicals can cause a number of health issues, including severe lung troubles, learning disabilities in children, and other associated conditions.

From years of exposure to toxic substances, you may be eligible for financial compensation from the responsible party. Those responsible for your damages or injuries can be held accountable and we have the experience to handle these cases expertly. 

Reputable Sunrise, FL, Toxic Tort Lawyers

The large number of prospective plaintiffs in many hazardous tort instances necessitates the filing of class actions. We put our clients’ needs first, whether we’re representing a big group of people exposed to dangerous chemicals or a single sufferer of a toxic substance. Among the cases that our Sunrise, FL, toxic tort attorneys handle are:

  • Dangerous substances in the air and on the ground
  • Chemicals used in the workplace that might be harmful to workers
  • Mold and other potentially harmful compounds, such as asbestos, are included in this category

It is disturbing and unsettling to realize that your health has been adversely damaged by exposure to harmful drugs. Toxic tort attorneys are well aware of the dangers of exposure to toxic substances in the workplace. Your accident or illness-related medical bills, missed income, and diminished earning ability will all be covered in full. We are here to help you every step of the way with your litigation and bring the ones responsible, to justice.

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