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The exposure to toxic materials may occur suddenly after a chemical accident, or gradually over time in the job. These contaminants, which are detrimental to humans and nature, can penetrate the air, groundwater, and soil that humans breathe. Whether you were exposed to dangerous substances on the workplace or due to environmental pollution, this contamination may result in disease or damage.

At Silva & Silva, our South Miami, FL toxic torts attorneys defend individuals who have been ill caused by toxic exposure. We will research the source of your sickness and file a claim on your behalf for compensation.

What Are Hazardous Torts Claims?

Lymphoma, blood diseases, genetic problems, mesothelioma, cancer and fatalities are among the physiological impacts that can arise from exposure to toxic chemicals. There are further disorders that you may not immediately link with acute toxic exposure, such as child development issues, severe lung diseases, and other medical issues that are directly tied to prolonged exposure to hazardous chemicals.

 You have the right to claim compensation if you have been diagnosed with a fatal, rare ailment after years of exposure to hazardous substances. We will make every attempt to bring those responsible for your damage and loss accountable.

 Expert South Miami, FL Toxic Torts Lawyers

 Toxic torts often include a vast group of claimants suing large corporations; consequently, they are frequently litigated as class actions. We serve a group of persons who were exposed on the job in these cases. Our team uses its understanding of this involved branch of law to secure fair compensation for our clients. Our attorneys manage cases regarding dangerous torts involving: 

  • Environmental chemical exposure
  • Workplace exposure to harmful chemicals
  • Residential exposure to asbestos, mold and other pollutants

When you find out that, you have been harmed by exposure to toxic chemicals it can be alarming and bewildering. As experienced attorneys for toxic torts in South Miami, Florida, we acknowledge the principles and rules governing occupational exposures exposure to harmful substances. We will seek full and equitable compensation for your present and future medical bills, financial losses, and perhaps diminished future earning capacity.

For more information about how our toxic torts attorneys in South Miami, FL, can help, call Silva & Silva at 305-445-0011, or send us an email through this Online Form. we are here with you every step of the way to ensure a favorable outcome in your case.


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