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The exposure to toxic gases or substances may occur quickly because of a chemical mishap or gradually as a result of occupational exposure. These particles, which are hazardous to human and environmental health, can pollute the air, water, and soil. Whether you have been exposed to dangerous compounds on the job or through air pollution, this exposure can lead to illness or injury.

At Silva & Silva, our toxic torts attorneys in Plantation, FL represent clients who have fallen ill or suffered harm due to environmental exposure. We will investigate the root causes of your diseases and pursue compensation on your behalf.

What Are Toxic Tort Claims?

Rare blood diseases, malformations at birth, cancer, mesothelioma, and death are some of the biological effects that can result from exposure to harmful substances. There are further illnesses that you would not immediately associate with acute adverse effects, such as learning difficulties in children, severe lung problems, and other health conditions that are directly related to persistent exposure to hazardous substances.

After years of exposure to harmful chemicals, if you are diagnosed with a rare and terminal condition, you are entitled to compensation. We will make every effort to bring accountable anyone responsible for your suffering and losses.

Competent Attorneys for Toxic Torts in Plantation, FL

Frequently, toxic torts include a huge number of claimants challenging big businesses and are handled as class actions. We use our skills in this complex area of law to negotiate reasonable settlements for our clients, whether we are managing a group of persons who were exposed at work or people that were impacted by a hazardous substance in another environment. Our toxic torts attorneys in Plantation, FL, handle lawsuits involving the following serious torts:

  • Exposure to environmental chemicals
  • occupational exposure to toxic substances
  • Exposure to asbestos, mold, and other poisons in the home

 The revelation that you have been affected by hazardous chemical exposure may be both terrifying and upsetting. As certified toxic torts lawyers in Plantation, Florida, we are familiar with the research and regulations controlling environmental and work-related exposure to harmful chemicals.

We work diligently, investigating various aspects and understanding the care thoroughly. This detailed approach helps us build a solid case for our clients so they get the justice they deserve. For more information about how our toxic torts attorneys in Plantation, FL, can help, call Silva & Silva at 305-445-0011, or send us an email through this Online Form.


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