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Chemical exposures or exposure to other harmful substances or gases may cause health problems that emerge immediately or years later. These substances have the potential to pollute the air, the land, and the waterways. The exposure to toxic substances in the workplace or via pollution may result in disease or harm.

 At Silva & Silva, our Miami Lakes, FL, toxic tort attorneys handle cases where people have been exposed to dangerous chemicals and suffered illness or damage. We will research the origins of your illness and make a claim on your part for compensation.

What Are Tort Lawsuits?

Tumors, inflammatory disorders, genetic issues, mesothelioma, blood diseases, and morbidity are caused by toxic chemical exposure. There are further impacts of extended exposure to a hazardous drug that may not be instantly evident, such as severe embryonic development problems, acute lung ailments, and other illnesses. These symptoms are the result of persistent toxic exposure.

Even if you receive a diagnosis after months of exposure to toxic chemicals, you are entitled to compensation. We will do everything possible to bring those responsible for your loss or suffering to justice.

Miami Lakes, FL Toxic Torts Attorneys

Typically, injurious torts are tried as class actions, pitting individuals against enormously wealthy corporations. We are now aiding a group of disadvantaged employees. Our company’s knowledge in this complex area of law ensures that our clients get reimbursed appropriately. Our lawyers handle the most significant and relevant tort cases:

  • Environmental chemical exposure
  • Exposure to dangerous substances in the workplace
  • Exposure to asbestos, fungus, and other poisons in the home is hazardous.

Discovering that you have been exposed to significant toxins is likely to be unpleasant and worrisome. As seasoned toxic tort attorneys in Miami Lakes, FL, we are familiar with the concepts and regulations regulating occupational exposures to hazardous chemicals. We have worked on various tort lawsuits and vigorously defended our clients’ rights. We work diligently on all our cases so that our clients get the best legal representation in their tort lawsuit

We will seek full and fair compensation for your current and future medical expenses, economic pain, and possible lost wages. For more information about how our toxic torts attorneys in Miami Lakes, FL, can help, call Silva & Silva at 305-445-0011, or send us an email through this Online Form. We will call you back and set up a consultation at a time convenient to you.


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