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When working in the same area for a long period of time, it is probable that you are exposed to toxic chemicals in a single occurrence or slowly over time. These harmful compounds can pollute the ecosystem and affect people’s health due to inhalation.  Even if toxic substances are inhaled through the air at work or in the natural environment, they can create health issues.

Toxic tort attorneys in Lighthouse Point, FL, at Silva & Silva, defend anyone who have been harmed by exposure to toxic chemicals. Fortunately, we can find a way to help you get back on your feet as soon as possible. These cases can be complex, but we have the skills, experience and resources to help you in these challenging legal matters. 

What Are Toxic Tort Claims?

Malignancies, uncommon blood problems, birth deformities, mesothelioma, and other life-threatening conditions can result from prolonged exposure to harmful chemicals. Long-term exposure to harmful substances can cause a wide range of health issues, including learning deficits in toddlers, severe lung problems, and other issues that aren’t immediately related with it.

If you’ve been diagnosed with a serious and eventually fatal condition as a result of years of exposure to hazardous substances, you may be entitled for financial compensation from the responsible party. We do everything within our power to hold those liable for your losses or harm.

Reputable Lighthouse Point, FL, Toxic Tort Lawyers

Many toxic tort claims are launched as class actions because of the large number of plaintiffs. Whether we’re representing a big group of employees exposed to dangerous chemicals or a single sufferer of a toxic substance’s effects, we put our clients’ interests first. Our Toxic tort attorneys in Lighthouse Point, FL have worked on the following forms of toxic torts: 

  • The presence of environmentally harmful toxins
  • Exposure to potentially dangerous substances in the workplace
  • Exposure to mold, asbestos and other toxins that can be present in a home

It is both frustrating and disturbing to discover that your health has been negatively impacted by exposure to harmful chemicals. Lawyers that specialize in hazardous torts are well versed in the dangers of exposure to toxic substances in the workplace. All of your medical expenditures, as well as any missed income or diminished earning potential that may have resulted from your injury or illness, will be fully compensated.

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