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Individuals, and in some situations large communities, have experienced severe illnesses and, in rare cases, death was the result of exposures to mildew, asbestos, and other toxic substances. We have strong experience resolving these types of conflicts at Silva & Silva. Our toxic torts attorneys in Ft Lauderdale, FL, are familiar with the nuances of these cases and strive to provide the best legal assistance possible.

Types of Toxic Exposure Cases

Exposure to hazardous and harmful conditions andproducts can result in toxicity and cause harm to people. Some of these situations an conditions include:

• Hazardous wastes
• Scientific, pharmaceutical, and medical chemicals
• Electromagnetic energy
• Contamination
• Violations of certainenvironmental regulations
• Pollution

Sick Building Syndrome

Recent medical papers and breakthroughs have resulted in the emergence of an entirely new type of litigation. Our environment is damaged in a variety of ways, which may lead to sick building syndrome, as data and study reveal. This condition arises when inhabitants of a building have severe health problems as a result of their extended stay there. The following are only a few of the numerous symptoms of this illness:

• Dizziness
• Eye irritations
• Nose and throat irritations
• Respiratory problems
• Coughing and constant wheezing
• Nausea
• Other

The following factors contribute to classic sick building syndrome:

• Off-gases from carpet underlay containing formaldehyde and odors from synthetic fibers are typical irritants.
• Tobacco smoke and pollutants from commercial machinery aggravate the issue.
• Pollen, bacteria, mold, mildew, and sometimes dust mites are all potential allergens.
• Additionally, asbestos fibers in the surroundings and small particles from oxidised lead paint powder are hazardous pollutants.
• While the list of concerns continues to grow, Radon (a naturally occurring gas) continues to be the biggest cause of concern in the nation, accounting for the second highest risk of developing lung cancer.
• Indoor air pollution is also a problem with HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) units.

Successful Outcomes in Toxic Tort Claims

Due to the widespread adverse consequences of dangerous drugs, class action lawsuits have emerged as the preferred legal tactic for all victims wishing to pool their economic means against unscrupulous operators and businesses with limitless coffers. Additionally, these complicated claims will necessitate the assistance of qualified and experienced toxic torts lawyers in Fort Lauderdale, FL.

If plaintiffs succeed receive compensation for medical costs, mental anguish, and loss of earnings. The court has the ability to award reparation where the defendant’s actions are purposeful and repeated.
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