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As an outcome of a chemical accident, the effects or implications of exposure to dangerous chemicals or gases may develop immediately or over a period of years. These compounds have the potential to contaminate the air, water, and soil. This exposure may result in disease or injury if you were exposed to hazardous chemicals at your workplace or due to pollution.

 At Silva & Silva, our toxic torts attorneys in Aventura, FL represent clients who get ill after being exposed to hazardous chemicals. We will investigate the causes of your illness and claim compensation on your behalf.

What Makes Up Tort Claims?

Exposure to hazardous substances can result in cancer, blood illnesses, genetic anomalies, mesothelioma, and even death. There are further impacts of persistent toxic exposures that may not be evident right away, including significant problems with fetal development, acute lung ailments, and other medical conditions that are directly related to toxic exposure.

You are entitled to compensation even if you are diagnosed with a serious disease after years of exposure to toxic substances. We will spare no effort in bringing those responsible to justice. We work relentlessly to guarantee that you have a clear understanding of these issues and provide you with competent legal counsel.

Effective Aventura, FL Toxic Torts Attorneys

Frequently, toxic torts are settled via litigation, placing individuals against extremely wealthy corporations. We help people with their tort case so that they have solid legal assistance, improving their chances of a successful outcome. Our company’s competence in this complex area of the law ensures that our clients receive just compensation. Our attorneys in the following prominent torts cases represent numerous individuals:

  • Environmental chemical exposure
  • Occupational hazardous chemical exposure
  • A house contaminated with asbestos, mold, and other poisons

Knowing that you have been exposed to dangerous poisons for an extended period can be unsettling and frightening. As seasoned toxic tort lawyers in Aventura, FL, we are familiar with the concepts and regulations regarding occupational exposures to harmful chemicals. We have worked on various tort lawsuits and vigorously defended our clients’ rights.

We will seek full and fair compensation for your current and future medical expenses, economic hardship, and inability to earn as much as you did before. For more  details about how our toxic torts attorneys in Aventura, FL, can help, call Silva & Silva at 305-445-0011, or drop us a line through this Online Form. One of our experts will call you soon to discuss your case.

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