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Swimming Pool Negligence

The heat in Florida can be unbearable without access to a swimming pool. There are risks and threats that we might not be able to avoid when using swimming pools. There should be no exceptions to the standards surrounding the maintenance and safety of swimming pools, otherwise any accidents that result might be catastrophic. It’s occasionally likely that these errors may result in catastrophe. Get the assistance you require by contacting a swimming pool negligence attorney in Lighthouse Point, FL, from Silva & Silva.

Our lawyers will look into the case to see if the facility’s negligence played a role in the client’s injuries. If this is the situation, the victim may be eligible for damages to cover past and future medical bills and other expenses stemming from the incident. We are the go-to firm for legal advice and representation in these cases and our attorneys will be by your side throughout the case.

When You Will Need Swimming Pool Negligence Attorneys In Lighthouse Point, FL

A number of restrictions and regulations protects visitors to Florida’s water parks and public swimming pools. In spite of this, they are not always followed, and occasionally essential maintenance is skipped. Accidents are imminent when this happens. A number of different things can cause drowning and other pool-related injuries.

  • Broken pool ladder
  • Lights in the pool don’t work.
  • Lighting in the pool that doesn’t function
  • Lack of basic safety equipment
  • Inadequate or no pool upkeep
  • There is overcrowding at the pool.
  • They either don’t have enough lifeguards or they aren’t doing their jobs well.
  • Distracted and careless lifeguards
  • Broken barrier surrounding the pool
  • Problems with gate locks and springs
  • Lack of or damage to pool-end barriers that keep children and adults safe

Any business that provides waterpark or swimming services must abide by all local laws and regulations to ensure the safety of its customers. If they do not follow this instruction, they might be held responsible for any injuries or deaths that occur.

Swimming Pool Negligence Attorneys in Lighthouse Point, FL

Our firm represents those who have been hurt or lost a loved one due to an accident in a water-based setting such a pool, spa, water park, or similar location. We also make significant efforts to ensure that associations implement measures to prevent repetitions of disasters of the same type.

Our attorneys and the other professionals we employ are thoroughly familiar with the relevant rules and regulations in this field. Because we have easy access to their talents and experience, we are able to provide our customers with competent legal support following a wide range of accidents involving swimming pools.

For more information about how our swimming pool negligence attorneys in Lighthouse Point, FL, can help in your case, call Silva & Silva at 305-445-0011 or drop us a line through this Online Form.

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