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In warmer weather, many people swim in pools in residential properties, hotels, resorts, and casinos. Poor safety practices, on the other hand, can cause considerable harm to swimmers in these circumstances. This is particularly true for youngsters, who account for around 20% of drowning deaths. Additionally, swimming accidents may need hospitalization and have long-term consequences such as brain damage.

Severe brain injuries may include memory loss, learning disabilities, and lifelong loss of fundamental motor skills such as speaking, moving, and writing. If a swimmer suffers injury, they must seek medical treatment and expert legal assistance immediately. At Silva & Silva, our swimming pool negligence lawyers in Hialeah, FL strive to maximize your settlement while holding negligent pool operators or property owners accountable.

The Most Common Causes of Swimming Pool Accidents

Numerous causes, including the following, might contribute to swimming pool accidents:

• Inadequately guarding or fencing pools/hot tubs: Uncovered or inadequately covered/locked pools may be dangerous, particularly for young children.
• Inadequate illumination in the pool rea can result in trips and falls, as well as other catastrophic accidents.
• Damaged, faulty, or missing life preservers can obstruct rescue attempts and lead to near or fatal drownings
• Wet surfaces surrounding swimming pools can be dangerous, resulting in serious accidents and catastrophes.
• A lifeguard who is inexperienced or incompetent, or who is sidetracked by calls and messages, or other diversions, may endanger swimmers.

Conducting A Thorough Investigation Into Negligent Conduct

The term “invitees” refers to swimmers in resorts/casino/hotel pools, which indicates that property owners are responsible for their safety. Each scenario and case is unique, and our swimming pool negligence lawyers in Hialeah, FL, devote significant time and effort to each. We have specialists that conduct a complete investigation and reports on the irresponsible actions of the hotel management and the on-duty lifeguard.

Our firm works with a number of specialized professionals from a variety of sectors to construct effective legal arguments on our clients’ behalf. Our swimming pool negligence lawyers in Hialeah, FL, adopt a methodical approach to creating a solid case, ensuring that there are no legal loopholes, which helps increase our clients’ chances of winning. The team works together with a variety of skilled experts from a variety of specializations to produce effective legal arguments on behalf of our clients.

We will stop at nothing to guarantee that our clients get the best legal representation possible. For more information about how our swimming pool negligence attorneys in Hialeah, FL, can help in your case, call Silva & Silva at 305-445-0011.

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