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Many people swim in pools at residential properties, resorts, hotels, and casinos in warmer weather. However, poor safety protocols can significantly damage swimmers in these environments. This is especially true for children, representing approximately 20 percent of drowning fatalities. Additionally, swimming injuries may need hospitalization and result in long-term complications such as brain damage.

Severe brain injuries can result in loss of memory, learning disabilities, and permanent loss of basic motor skills, including speaking, driving, drawing, and writing. Consequently, injured swimmers must promptly seek medical attention and contact legal representation. At Silva & Silva, the goal of our swimming pool negligence attorneys in Ft Lauderdale, FL is to maximize your compensation while holding irresponsible swimming pool operators and property owners accountable.

Swimming Pool Accidents: The Most Frequent Causes

Several factors, including the following can cause accidents in swimming pools:

• Inadequately protecting or gating pools/hot tubs: Uncovered or insufficiently covered/locked pools can pose a danger, especially harmful for little children.
• Inadequate lighting in and around swimming pools may result in tripping and falling and other tragic tragedies.
• Damaged, malfunctioning, or missing safety equipment, like life preservers, may hamper rescue operations and result in near-drownings/drownings.
• Wet surfaces near swimming pools may be hazardous, culminating in accidents and catastrophic mishaps.
• An unskilled or unqualified lifeguard or one distracted by phone calls, text messages, or other actions might injure swimmers.

Conducting A Detailed Negligent Conduct Investigation

Swimmers in resort/hotel/casino pools are referred to as “invitees,” which means that property owners must ensure their safety. Each circumstance and case is distinct, and our swimming pool negligence attorneys in Ft Lauderdale, FL, work very hard on each one. We have professionals that do a thorough investigation and report on the hotel management’s and the on-duty lifeguard’s negligent behavior.

We take a systematic approach to case building, ensuring no legal gaps, which helps boost our clients’ victory prospects. The team collaborates with several qualified professionals from different industries to craft persuasive legal arguments for our clients. We understand the legalities of these cases and work closely with our clients, supporting them with the best advice and legal help possible.

We leave no stone unturned to ensure that our clients get the best legal representation they deserve. For more information about how our swimming pool negligence attorneys in Ft Lauderdale, FL can help in your case, call Silva & Silva at 305-445-0011.

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