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Many people head to swimming pools on residential resorts, hotels, or casino premises when the weather warms up. However, inadequate safety precautions in these settings can result in serious injury to swimmers. This is particularly true with youngsters, who account for around 20% of drowning casualties. Furthermore, swimming injuries sometimes need hospitalization and might result in long-term problems such as brain trauma.

Severe brain injury can result in memory loss, learning impairments, and the irreversible loss of fundamental motor skills such as speaking, driving, and writing. As a result, injured swimmers must seek medical care and retain legal counsel immediately. At Silva & Silva, our swimming pool negligence attorneys in Coral Springs, FL, aim to ensure your complete recovery while simultaneously holding negligent swimming pool operators and owners liable.

Swimming Pool Accidents- The Common Causes

Swimming pool accidents can be caused by a variety of circumstances, including the following:

• Failure to protect or gate pools/hot tubs: Uncovered or inadequately covered or locked pools and hot tubs can generate an “attractive nuisance,” which is particularly dangerous to small children.
• Inadequate illumination can result in slips and falls and other catastrophic accidents in and around swimming pools.
• Damaged, faulty, or non-existent safety equipment, including life preservers, can obstruct rescue efforts and lead to near-drownings and drownings.
• Wet surfaces around swimming pools can be dangerous, resulting in slips and falls and other catastrophic accidents.
• A lifeguard who is not adequately trained or is distracted by calls, texting, or other activities may cause swimmers to sustain injury.

Conducting An Investigation Into Negligent Conduct

Swimmers at a resort, hotel, or casino pool are considered “invitees,” which implies that property owners owe them the highest level of care. When a homeowner invites visitors to swim, there is an understanding that the hosts have taken reasonable precautions to ensure the safety of their premises, particularly the swimming area. The pool owner also has an added obligation to notify visitors of potential risks if they are likely to meet them.

Each setting and case is unique, and our swimming pool negligence attorneys in Coral Springs, FL, work diligently on the case. We have experts that perform a full investigation

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