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Pool accidents happen quite frequently in Florida and may involve a child, visitor, or friend drowning in a commercial swimming pool. Premises liability covers these types of incidents. Our swimming pool negligence attorneys in Miami, Florida at Silva & Silva are experienced in this particular law area.

Ordinances Governing Swimming Pool Safety

Most swimmers are not aware of the pool’s slope, bottom surface’s configuration, and depth when they swim there. They do not have the required training to recognize when someone is drowning. It’s why there should always be certified lifeguards present at all commercial swimming pools. All motels and hotels need to follow these basic swimming pool ordinances:

  • The pool’s slope should not be more than a foot for a horizontal length of every three feet where the shallow and deep ends converge.
  • At the shallow end of the pool, the owner must install a self-latching gate.
  • They should also place a shepherd’s crook and ring buoy halfway of the pool’s length.

Investigating Cases of Negligence in Swimming Pools in Miami, Florida

Our experts will investigate the area and submit a report that mentions all facts related to the on-duty lifeguard and the hotel’s negligence. They will also investigate the breaches of local regulations and rules by the hotel owner, swimming pool operator, or developer.

They also conduct inspections of the feature so they can provide solid testimony in our clients’ cases. A pool drowning case is quite a predictable and preventable scenario that occurs when:

  • There is no trained lifeguard on-site to help eliminate or mitigate this risk.
  • The pool has a flawed design.
  • The pool construction isn’t aligned to the existing industry standards and local ordinances

Our skilled swimming pool negligence attorneys in Miami, FL, and other specialists that we have on retainer are familiar with all the existing rules and laws. Call Silva & Silva at 305-445-0011 for more information or send us an email through this Online Form

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