The Champlain Towers South Condominium Collapse

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Champlain Towers Building Collapse

Our firm has been appointed to the Plaintiffs’ leadership team in the litigation surrounding the Champlain Towers South Condominium Collapse.

On July 16, 2021, Judge Hanzman entered an order appointing Silva & Silva to the Plaintiffs’ Steering Committee, to coordinate pretrial activity in the wrongful death cases. The leadership structure will provide the victims with, as the court stated, the “best of the best.”
From the onset of its involvement, Silva & Silva has focused our resources on addressing the needs of the personal injury/wrongful death victims, securing evidence, contacting experts, and identifying individuals or corporations that may be responsible for this horrific tragedy. These efforts allowed Silva & Silva to file the first complaint identifying more than ten potential defendants, many of whom have confirmed that they possess significant insurance policies. To that end, Silva & Silva is committed to efficiently and effectively prosecuting this case in the hopes of bringing some closure to those who lost so much in this tragedy.


On behalf of our clients, our lawyers have reached a tentative settlement worth nearly $1 billion with multiple responsible entities regarding the Surfside building’s collapse that killed 98 people. The entities in the proposed settlement include the condo association, the city of Surfside, and engineering, architectural and other companies involved in the building and maintenance of Champlain Towers South. The settlement proposal is waiting for final approval from Miami-Dade County Circuit Court Judge Michael Hanzman.  Judge Hanzman praised the speed with which the settlement was reached as “beyond extraordinary . . . .” Judge Hanzman said he hoped to close the case by June 24, 2022 which is the one-year anniversary of the tragedy. The proposed settlement could also grow larger because our lawyers are still working on reaching an agreement with one other company that was involved with the condos.

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Champlain Towers Building Collapse

Our firm is leading the way to seek justice for the victims of the Surfside Condominium Collapse. Watch the videos below to hear from our lawyers about the lawsuits we have filed and how we are helping those who suffered devasting losses in this tragedy.

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