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Are you attempting to determine if you may be entitled to compensation after an accident or damage to your car at a road junction or station? Silva & Silva is a renowned legal practice. Our professional and knowledgeable train accident attorneys in Key Largo, FL, will guide you through the legal system and ensure that you get the best legal representation available in your rail accident claim.

How Skilled Railroad Accident Attorneys in Key Largo, FL Can Help

Due to their size and mass, trains can inflict significant property damage and fatal casualties. While most train accident regulations are governed by the federal government and are overseen by the Federal Railroad Administration, state laws can apply in certain circumstances.

Many different circumstances can cause train accidents, including damaged/defective train components, insufficient train/rail upkeep, faulty or unfit signaling systems, or operator/staff negligence. Train accidents often result in passengers, pedestrians, bystanders, railway personnel, and drivers’ deaths.

Given the number of people involved in a train accident, the nature of legal duties, and the degree of technical and practical experience necessary to construct and prove a case, you require the assistance of knowledgeable railroad accident attorneys in Key Largo, FL. Our experts understand the complexities of these sorts of claims. The first step is to establish the cause of the railway tragedy and work forward from there.

Seasoned Railroad Accident Attorneys

Railroad companies can be held liable if the signals at railroad crossings were not functioning correctly or if the area directly around the junctions did not have the required signage. Trains passing through densely inhabited areas or areas with a large vehicle density must exercise more caution. Numerous train companies and local governments are routinely charged with negligence in connection with these incidents.

Our top-rated attorneys have a strong understanding of Florida railroad accident law, in addition to a vast experience and a remarkable track record. You can be confident that our team of lawyers will handle your case efficiently and expedite matters to ensure that you get the best possible legal counsel.

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