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If you were injured or your car was damaged at a train crossing or station, you will need expert legal assistance to fight your case. Despite the presence of competing law firms in the region, Silva & Silva has earned the top ratings from our clientele on every measure. If you’ve been harmed in a major train accident, our railroad accident attorneys in Davie, FL, can help.

Why You Need a Skilled Railroad Accident Attorney in Davie, FL

Because of their size and weight, train accidents can have a disastrous effect on both the surroundings and the passengers. The Federal Railroad Administration has created regulations to combat railway accidents on a nationwide basis. However, state law may be more relevant.

A number of factors, including a lack of or faulty signal equipment, an error on the part of the duty officer, or poorly maintained tracks or routes, can spur on train accidents. Commuters, pedestrians, railroad personnel, and automobiles are all at risk of injury in the event of a train catastrophe. Because of the complexity of the issues, the strictness of the rules, and the enormity of the liabilities that emerge from accidents involving trains, lawyers who specialize in such situations are needed.

Our legal staff has extensive experience in representing clients in railway accident lawsuits. They immediately begin investigating the situation to determine what went awry and to formulate a plan for pursuing legal recourse. In creating a thorough defense for our clients, we consider these and other factors. Whatever the root of the problem, we will do all in our power to fix it.

Expert Legal Counsel Railroad Accident Attorneys in Davie, FL

There is a possibility that accidents at crossings caused by faulty signals or ambiguous limits might be filed against the railway company. If the train is travelling through a highly populated or heavily frequented region, further precautions must be taken. Following a train wreck, numerous people litigate against the authorities and the railroad.

Florida rail accident claims are not new territory for our firm’s attorneys, who have a track record of success in this area. Legal experts will argue on your behalf in court. We promise to provide you all the details we can find about your situation. If you want to maximize your chances of success, we’ll approach your case methodically and comprehensively.

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