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Read on if you’ve been injured or your automobile has been damaged at a railway crossing or station and you want to know if you do have a case. Although there are other law firms in the area, Silva & Silva has performed well year after year. Our railroad accident lawyers in Hollywood, FL, have in-depth knowledge in the law and can provide you with the best representation after a train accident.

Why You Need a Skilled Railroad Accident Attorney in Hollywood, FL

Because of the immense size and weight of trains, accidents involving them can cause extensive damage to surrounding structures and communities. The Federal Railroad Administration is responsible for making laws pertaining to railway accidents at the federal level. It’s also likely, though, that state law would apply.

Train accidents can happen for many different causes, such as improper or inaccurate signaling, operator or crew error, or badly maintained routes or rails. Potential casualties of a railway disaster include commuters, pedestrians, railroad workers, and cars. Attorneys that specialize in railway accidents are a need due to the difficulty of the problems at hand, the strict requirements of the law, as well as the extensive liabilities that arise from such accidents.

Our firm has attorneys that focus in rail accident cases and who are familiar with the complexities involved. Find the reason of the derailment and strive to fix it as soon as possible. When formulating a legal defense plan for our clients, we consider all of these elements and build an iron-clad case. We will work for the greatest conclusion possible, regardless of what caused the accident.

Expert Legal Counsel Railroad Attorneys in Hollywood, FL

The railroad company could be held responsible for any accidents that occur because the crossing signal had malfunctioned or the location wasn’t properly marked. Trains need to be especially careful while going through densely populated or regularly traveled areas. Numerous lawsuits are filed against the corporation and the government after a railway disaster.

Our lawyers have extensive experience and a reputation of success in cases involving Florida railroad accidents. You may rest assured that you will have competent representation in court. Rely on us to assist you in gaining a thorough understanding of the circumstance at hand so that we may provide the most effective legal counsel and representation. In order to increase the possibility of a favorable outcome, we address your case in a logical and thorough manner.

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