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Have you been injured or had your vehicle damaged at a railroad crossing or station and wish to determine if you have a case? Silva & Silva has always had a significant position among local law firms. Our train accident attorneys in Deerfield Beach, FL, are well-versed in the law and can assist you in securing the best legal representation for your case.

Why You Need a Skilled Railroad Accident Attorney in Deerfield Beach, FL

Because of the weight and volume of the trains involved, train accidents are extremely catastrophic. However, state laws may also apply. The Federal Train Administration (FRA) is accountable for implementing federal law surrounding railroad accidents.

Train accidents can be caused by improper track or rail maintenance, defective or erroneous signaling, operator, or crew error, and other factors. Potential casualties of a railway accident can include commuters, pedestrians, railroad workers, and automobiles. You require the assistance of skilled train accident attorneys due to the complication of the problems at hand, the high standard established by the law, and the complication of the responsibilities involved.

Our rail accident attorneys are familiar with the intricacies of such cases. Identifying and addressing the train wreck’s core cause is vital. We understand all these aspects and work hard to create the best possible defense for our clients. No matter what the circumstances of the accident, we will work for positive results.

Expert Lawyers for Train Accidents in Deerfield Beach, FL

The train company might be held responsible if the crossover signal was faulty or if the site was not properly marked. Trains are supposed to exercise particular caution when travelling through densely populated or heavily travelled areas. After a railway accident, many parties, including the railroad and the local authority, are frequently sued.

Our experienced legal team has extensive knowledge and a track record of success in the field of Florida rail accident law. Your case will be handled with the utmost expertise, assuring you of the best level of representation possible in court. Before offering the greatest legal counsel and support from beginning to end, we work with you to comprehend all the facts of your case. Our detailed approach helps us build a solid case which increases your chances of a  favorable outcome.

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