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Silva & Silva’s competent product liability attorneys in Miami Shores, FL, have successfully defended and won many product liability claims. This category includes failure to advise clients about the hazards linked with using a product.

Negligent Design or Manufacture of a Product

We have handled several instances involving defective design or development of equipment, devices, and parts in the following areas:

• Airplanes- Defects in the design of systems like altimeters
• Railroads -A deficiency in the construction of suitable warning signs on railroads
• Industrial machinery-Negligence in the development of industrial equipment’s safety features
• Pleasure Watercraft – Numerous safety elements are poorly designed
• Automobiles-Tires, airbags, and safety accessories like seatbelts have design problems.
• Household Products— Small blinds and other seemingly harmless household products
• Transfusions- Inadequate testing of donated blood and products used in transfusions
• Prescription Drugs – Failure to warn patients of a prescription’s probable adverse effects.This category includes chemical substances in medications such as Contact, Robitussin, and others. These medications included PPA, which is no longer accessible on the market.

The manufacturing processes and methods used to manufacture and produce a variety of items that people rely on and use daily have been modified due to Silva & Silva’s involvement in different instances.

Our legal experience in this area is unmatched, and we’ve had a significant influence on industry practices. To guarantee that our clients receive the support and legal guidance they require, we maintain a diligent staff of skilled products liability attorneys in Miami Shores, FL.

Prescriptions That Pose a Risk To Consumer Health

Doctors may prescribe medications that, if misused, can result in life-threatening adverse effects or even death. Additionally, many drugs may have negative impacts when combined with other therapies. The prescribing doctor and the pharmaceutical company that makes and markets the prescriptions or OTC medication must inform patients of these risks.

Obtaining adequate proof of negligence in these circumstances might be difficult in some situations. A knowledgeable attorney can assist you if you decide to prosecute the manufacturer, physician, or other persons involved. Our product liability attorneys in Miami Shores, FL, make reaching a successful result in your cases a priority.

To assist you in obtaining the results you’re looking for, they will collaborate with you to develop a convincing case based on your involvement. For more information about how our products liability attorneys in Miami Shores FL, can help, call Silva & Silva at 305-445-0011, or send us an email through this Online Form.

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