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The Fort Lauderdale product liability attorneys at Silva & Silva have handled hundreds of cases involving product liability. Negligent product design and/or manufacturing and failure to notify customers about the risks of using a product fall under this category.

Product Design or Manufacturing Errors

Many of the cases we’ve handled have included equipment, systems, and parts that were manufactured and/or designed negligently; they include:

• Negligently designed safety features on recreational watercraft
• Tire, airbag, and seatbelt design flaws in automobiles
• Faulty design of warning signs on the railroads
• Negligent altimeter and other component design in airplanes
• Testing of defective blood products for blood transfusions
• Poor design of safety options for industrial machinery
• Mini blinds are an example of a household appliance that appears non-threatening.
• Negligence to inform patients of possible adverse effects associated with prescription medications. Chemical compounds included in pharmaceuticals, such as Robitussin, Contact, etc., have been carelessly included. PPA (phenylpropanolamine) was used in these medications, but it is no longer available.

Some of the items that people use daily have been changed due to Silva & Silva’s involvement in such cases. We have unmatched legal expertise in this field and have influenced how numerous things are being done. Our legal team consists of seasoned products liability attorneys in Ft Lauderdale,FL, who work diligently to provide our clients with the guidance and representation they require. This, in turn, ensures that our clients aren’t taken advantage of, and are fairly compensated.

Dangerous Prescriptions

There are a number of medications prescribed by doctors that might cause long-term harm or death. Additionally, taking certain medications with others can negatively affect the user’s health. If a doctor prescribes an OTC or prescription drug, they are required by law to inform consumers of the drug’s side effects.

These are complicated issues, and obtaining adequate proof of carelessness could be a real challenge at times. If you want to sue the manufacturer, doctor, or other parties involved, you need an experienced attorney on your side. Our Fort Lauderdale products liability attorneys are highly qualified and have vast industry exper
ience to get the best possible results for our clients.
Your chances of securing the compensation you deserve will increase if they assist you in building a solid case together. For more information about how our products liability attorneys in Ft Lauderdale can help, call Silva & Silva at 305-445-0011, or send us an email through this Online Form.

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