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Renters, patrons, clients, and trespassers all have rights under Florida law that landlords and property owners must uphold. At Silva & Silva, our premises liability attorneys in Miramar, FL, have significant experience dealing with these cases. Our clients can benefit from their ability to handle difficult situations.

What Is Premises Liability Insurance, And Why Does It Matter?

Depending on the type of guest (why a person is there,) a property owner’s security precautions may differ. The owners are not liable for any injuries you may have suffered if you entered the site without authorization or as a trespasser. When children are present, the exception to these regulations is if the site attracts them due to construction waste or water features easily accessible there.

As a business visitor or guest, the property owner owes a higher duty of care to you. If they discover something that may put them in danger, they must look into it. Nevertheless, businesses must do a risk assessment of their facilities to ensure tenant and visitor safety. All common areas, such as the lobby, escalators, stairs, and hallways, are the responsibility of the building’s owner or landlord.

Premises Liability Lawyers in Miramar, FL

If you are hurt while on someone else’s property, you may be entitled to financial compensation for your losses due to the owner’s or landlord’s negligence. Compensation for medical bills, long-term disability, and pain and suffering may be available to you as well as your family members, depending on the case.

Our premises liability attorneys in Miramar, FL, can help in these situations. Premises liability lawsuits involve a wide range of issues, and we are well-versed in handling them all, including situations where:

• Renters are at risk because their landlords have neglected to maintain common areas.
• Poor safety measures at swimming pools where swimmers suits, hair, hands, or legs become snagged in drains leading to their deaths
• Inadequate maintenance caused an elevator to crash, seriously injuring many building residents.

There may be a genuine claim by visitors, renters, and anybody else injured on a property owner or landlord’s property. You’ll need the help of experienced attorneys if you want a successful outcome in these instances, and we’re equipped to do so. You can rely on us to offer you sound advice and representation in your case.

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