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Florida property owners owe a range of duties and obligations to their renters, clients, visitors, and those who are there uninvited too. Silva & Silva has a team of experienced and skilled premises liability attorneys in Royal Palm Beach, Florida. They are capable of resolving even the most complicated challenges. As a result, we constantly provide the best possible services to our clients.

What Is Included in Premises Liability Insurance?

A property owner’s security measures are tailored to the kind of visitors they expect (why are they on the premises). The owner is not liable for any harm caused if you access the grounds without permission or as a trespasser. Children drawn to the site’s construction rubble or even a swimming pool, on the other hand, are exceptions.

The property owner must ensure your safety and comfort. If you are a business guest or a houseguest, they are not required to investigate potential hazards. They must, however, inspect their structure to determine whether any issues could endanger renters. The landlord or owner is responsible for maintaining and repairing all expected amenities, including entrances, staircases, and hallways.

Attorneys for Premises Liability in Royal Palm Beach

You may be entitled to damages if you are hurt on another person’s property due to the property manager’s or landlord’s carelessness. Medical costs, suffering and pain and long-term injuries, pain, may all be considered compensable damages for you and your family.

Our premises liability attorneys in Royal Palm Beach can aid you in these instances. For example, when it comes to resolving premises liability claims, we have a comprehensive spectrum of skills, including the ones that follow:

• Tenants of apartment complexes whose owners have neglected to maintain adequate common facilities put their renters in grave danger.

• An elevator falls due to insufficient maintenance, harming residents.

• Negligence can result in swimmers drowning in swimming pools due to their swimsuits, limbs, or hair getting entangled in drains.

Guests, tenants, and anybody else who sustains an injury while on the premises of a property owner or landlord may file lawsuits. A skilled legal team is required if you wish to obtain a favorable result in these instances.For more information about how our premises liability attorney in Royal Palm Beach, FL, can help, call Silva & Silva at 305-445-0011, or send us an email through this Online Form.

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