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In Florida, landlords have a variety of responsibilities and obligations toward tenants, customers, clients, and trespassers. Silva & Silva’s premises liability attorneys in Hialeah, Florida, are experienced in addressing these cases. They can handle complex issues professionally, resulting in the best possible results for our clients.

What Does Premises Liability Insurance Cover?

The security precautions used by a property owner differ depending on the type of visitor (why they are there). If you accessed the property without authorization or as a trespasser, the owner is not liable for any harm you may have sustained. The exception to this rule is if the site attracts a child due to demolition debris or a swimming pool etc.

As a business visitor or guest, the property owner bears a more significant duty of care to you. They don’t have to investigate any conditions or circumstances that could injure you. Nonetheless, to ensure your safety, they must inspect their facilities for potential threats to residents. The landlord or owner is responsible for routine maintenance and repairs to all common areas, including the foyer, escalators, and stairwells.

Attorneys for Premises Liability in Hialeah, FL

Accidents on another person’s property may entitle you to financial reimbursement for any injuries sustained because of the property landlord’s negligence. You and your family may be entitled to damages for medical bills, long-term injuries, and pain and suffering.

Our premises liability attorneys in Hialeah, FL, can assist you in these cases. We have extensive experience litigating a broad range of premises liability issues, including the following:

• Landlords of apartment buildings that have neglected to maintain common areas, endangering their residents
• Swimmers drowning in swimming pools as a result of the person’s swimwear, hair, or limbs becoming entangled in the drains are all examples of negligence
• A building’s occupants suffered severe injuries when an elevator fell due to poor maintenance.

Visitors, renters, and anyone else injured on the premises of a property owner/landlord may have a legal claim against the proprietors or landlord. If you wish to obtain a successful outcome in these instances, you will require the support of skilled attorneys, and we have what it takes to manage these cases correctly.

Our team is proactive and knowledgeable enough to guide you and provide the best legal assistance in your case. For more information about how our premises liability attorneys inHialeah, FL, can help, call Silva & Silva at 305-445-0011, or send us an email through this Online Form.

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