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In Florida, property owners have a range of duties and obligations to renters, customers, visitors, and trespassers. Silva & Silva has a staff of educated and professional premises liability lawyers in Ft Lauderdale, Florida, that are adept in handling these matters. They can deal with challenging cases professionally, coming up with the best possible outcomes for our clients.

What Is Included in Premises Liability Insurance?

A property owner’s safety procedures vary according to the kind of visitor (why they are on the site). If you entered the property without permission or were a trespasser, the owner is not responsible for any harm caused to you. The only exception to this rule is a youngster drawn to the location by demolition rubbish or a swimming pool.

As a business visitor or a houseguest, the property owner owes you a higher responsibility of care. They are not required to check for circumstances or conditions that might hurt you. Still, to protect your safety, they must examine their facilities to determine any possible hazards for occupants. Regular maintenance and repairs to all common spaces, including entrances, escalators, and stairways, are the landlord’s or owner’s responsibility.

Premises Liability Attorneys In Ft Lauderdale, FL

Accidents on someone else’s premises may entitle you to compensation for any injury you suffer as a consequence of the property owner’s or landlord’s carelessness. You and your family members may be entitled to compensation for medical expenses, long-term injuries, as well as pain and suffering.

In these instances, premises liability lawyers in Ft Lauderdale, FL, like ours, can assist you. W we have vast expertise resolving a wide variety of premises liability claims, including the following:

• Apartment building landlords that have failed to maintain critical common spaces, endangering their inhabitants
• Swimming pool drownings due to swimmers’ swimwear, limb, or hair getting hooked in the drain are all cases of carelessness.
• A building’s inhabitants were severely harmed when an elevator fell owing to negligent maintenance.

Visitors, renters, and anybody else who sustains an injury on a property owner’s/property landlord’s may have a valid claim against the owners or landlord. If you want a favorable outcome in these situations, you’ll need the assistance of competent attorneys.

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