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In Florida, anyone who has been hurt by a premises owner’s negligence may seek compensation for different types of losses, and this is called premises liability. Silva & Silva’s qualified and professional premises liability attorneys in Weston, FL have successfully handled a significant number of such cases.

What Is Included in Premises Liability?

Premises liability is a frequently argued topic in personal injury cases involving injuries or deaths caused by dangerous conditions or faults on another’s property. To establish premises liability in these suits, one must demonstrate negligence.

To bring a legitimate premises liability claim, you must first establish that the landlord or tenant is legally responsible for the harm and damages. It means you must establish that their carelessness directly resulted in your damage. The fundamental criterion is that the individual responsible for the problem was aware of the risks or circumstances and also had the chance to fix it but failed to act upon it and warn you.

Premises Liability Attorneys in Weston, Florida

Even when there are no evident visible injuries, you should consult a physician if you are hurt on another’s property. While some complaints may be hard to identify immediately following an event, the complications that surface later can be severe.

It is critical to safeguard your legal rights and also to look after your wellness following an accident. Seek medical assistance soon; this enables you to keep detailed records of your symptoms and aids in your recovery. Always take photographs of the accident area to capture any possible risks, such as damaged floors, torn carpets, spills, or insufficient illumination.

Obtain the addresses and phone numbers of any witnesses who are able to corroborate the incidents that unfolded in the aftermath of your accident. Additionally, you should notify the building’s owner of the occurrence. After completing these procedures, consult with an experienced premises liability attorney to ensure that your rights are protected.

As your attorneys, we help ensure that you do not to make statements or act in ways that could damage your case. We understand how to defend against even the most complicated premises liability lawsuits and work closely with customers to obtain the best outcome possible. For more information about how our premises liability attorney in Weston, FL, can help, call Silva & Silva at 305-445-0011, or send us an email through this Online Form.

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