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Florida laws are there to protect anyone harmed by the carelessness of a property owner by allowing the affected party to seek reimbursement for a variety of damages. This is what is referred to as premises liability. Silva & Silva’s premises liability attorneys in Lighthouse Point, FL have handled a substantial number of these cases over the years.

What Is Covered In Premises Liability Claims?

When a person seeks compensation for injuries and distress caused by unsafe circumstances or faults on somebody else’s property, the subject of premises liability commonly comes up. As with personal injury cases, proving premises liability requires demonstrating carelessness.

To establish a plausible premises liability claim, you need to establish that the property owner/tenant is liable for the injuries and losses in some way. In other words, you must demonstrate that their carelessness directly resulted in your damage. Additionally, you must establish that the individual was aware of or had ample time to identify the danger or problem that led to your injuries but took no reasonable efforts to correct or warn you about it.

If you have been injured on someone else’s property, get medical care right away, even if there is no visible or apparent injury. Some injuries are typically not easily detectable following an incident, but they might become bothersome later.

Attorneys for Premises Liability in Lighthouse Point, FL

After an injury, it is critical to safeguard your rights under the law and to look after your wellness. Seek quick medical treatment to record your injuries and ensure that your recovery is not harmed. Take photo the accident site whenever practicable to capture issues such as inadequate illumination, fractured concrete, or spills.

Collect contact information from anyone who might be able to verify the events that led up to your accident. Additionally, you should inform the owner of the building about the incident. After following these steps, consult a knowledgeable premises liability attorney to ensure that your rights are upheld.

Our attorneys assist you in avoiding making erroneous claims or remarks that might jeopardize your case, and will advocate for you during talks with the insurance company. We understand how to handle even the most complex premises liability cases on behalf of our customers and collaborate to achieve a favorable outcome.

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