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Florida laws protect everyone hurt by a property owner’s negligence by enabling the injured party to recover damages for a range of losses. This is known as premises liability. Over the years, premises liability lawyers in Hollywood, FL, at Silva & Silva, have handled a significant number of these claims.

What Is Covered In Premises Liability?

When an individual seeks compensation for damages and grief caused by unsafe conditions or flaws on another’s property, the issue of premises liability often arises. As is the situation in personal injury cases, establishing premises liability involves establishing negligence.

To make a compelling premises liability claim, you must prove that the landlord or tenant is to blame for the injuries and damages. In other words, you must establish that their negligence eventually resulted in your harm. Additionally, you must prove that the person was aware of or had sufficient time to identify the risk or condition that resulted in your injuries but made no reasonable attempt to fix or notify you about that.

If you are harmed on another person’s property, seek medical attention immediately, even if there are no obvious or visible injuries. Certain injuries may be difficult to identify immediately after an occurrence, but they may become painful later.

Premises Liability Attorneys in Hollywood, FL

Following an accident, it is vital to protect your legal rights and to care after your health. Seek prompt medical attention to document your problems and ensure your rehabilitation is not hindered. Whenever possible, photograph the scene of the accident to document concerns such as spills, damaged floor surfaces poor illumination etc.

Collect contact data from anybody who may be able to corroborate the circumstances surrounding your accident. Additionally, you should notify the building’s owner of the occurrence. Consult an experienced premises liability attorney after completing these procedures to guarantee that your rights are protected. You must follow these steps as it helps build a solid case and get a better outcome.

Our lawyers help ensure that you do not make any erroneous/unrequired claims or statements that might compromise your case and will argue for you during insurance company negotiations. We know how to address even the most complicated premises liability matters on our clients’ behalf and work together to obtain a positive resolution.

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