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If someone is hurt on a property as a result of the owner’s or tenant’s negligence, the concerned person can claim damages for pain and suffering . Silva & Silva’s premises liability attorneys in Fontainebleau, FL, have successfully handled a number of these claims. We are skilled and experienced enough address these legal matters with favorable outcomes for our clients.

What Is Covered by Premises Liability Insurance?

Most personal injury lawsuits contain a claim for premises liability if a dangerous environment or the carelessness of someone caused the loss or damage. In many circumstances, establishing premises liability requires establishing the property owner’s negligence.

The claim is admissible if the tenant or property owner’s carelessness resulted in the injury/harm. In simple terms you need to prove that the setting and faults in it were kept hidden by the property owner and they did not inform people of these faults. This aspect becomes a critical part of premises liability cases.

Premises Liability Attorneys in Fontainebleau, FL

If you are involved in an accident on someone else’s property, seek medical attention. Even if a problem is not immediately apparent, the ramifications of its discovery may be severe. In the case of such an incidence, specific precautions must be taken to safeguard your legal rights and general health. It is preferable to visit a physician sooner rather than later to ensure that you receive prompt medical care and treatment.

When an accident occurs, it is critical to document any faults with the flooring, carpets, lighting, condition of stairs etc. that may support your claim. You’ll need all of this evidence to make a compelling argument. Utilize the eyewitnesses who are willing to testify on your behalf. Additionally, you must notify the property owner of the occurrence. All of these actions must be done meticulously to ensure that you construct a strong case.

Consult an experienced premises liability attorney immediately following the occurrence to ensure that your rights are adequately protected. Our firm’s attorneys have extensively examined all facets of premises liability law in order to ensure that our clients achieve the best possible outcomes. Whatever the complexity of your issue, we can competently manage it for you. For more information about how our premises liability attorney in Fontainebleau, FL, can help, call Silva & Silva at 305-445-0011, or send us an email through this Online Form and one of our legal team members will call you shortly.

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