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In Florida, every property owner has very set obligations towards individuals that enter their property. Customers, intruders, visitors, and tenants have to be mindful of certain responsibilities too. Silva & Silva is a credible and well-established legal firm with highly skilled premises liability attorneys in Miami, FL. Our team has built a formidable reputation in this space, by helping clients get the best outcomes in their cases.

What Is Premises Liability Insurance?

Property owners are required to have some safeguards in place and the features or measures they use will depend on their visitors’ purpose for being on their property. If you are a trespasser or don’t have a valid reason for being on-premises, the property owner cannot be held responsible for any wilful/wanton injuries that you sustain.

There are some exceptions to this rule. For example, if a child is attracted to a feature like a swimming pool or some construction materials strewn on a property and walks in there. In other cases, if you have been invited there by someone or are a business visitor, the property owner will have greater responsibility and needs to ensure that the settings are safe for people to present there.

The proprietor or the landlord is responsible for conducting checks, maintenance, and repairs of all the features and installations on the property such as the staircases, escalators, hallways, and other commonly used areas.

Premises Liability Attorneys in Miami, FL

If you have been seriously injured when on another person’s property, you will be eligible for compensation from the property owner or Management Company if they have been negligent in any way.

You may be able to claim monetary compensation for serious injuries, medical bills, pain, and anguish. Consult with skilled and capable premises liability attorneys in Miami, FL, like us. We have experience litigating a range of premises liability cases, including:

• Instances where apartment building property owners have neglected maintenance of the common areas, causing severe injuries to the tenants
• Negligent elevator maintenance causes a collapse of the elevator in the shaft, resulting in catastrophic injuries or death to people in it
• Negligence that causes injury to very young kids in swimming pools, (including drowning because their hair, limbs, or swimwear got tangled in the pool’s drain.)

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