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The world we live in is no longer as secure as it once was. It has gotten progressively dangerous after September 11, 2001. Global firms and other corporate organizations should prioritize the safety of their employees and contractors when they’re on assignments in conflict-ridden nations. At Silva & Silva, our Key West negligent security attorneys have handled numerous high-profile cases in this such regions.

Negligent Security Attorneys In Key West

Numerous firms contract with highly experienced and trained employees to offer technical skills and/or products in unsafe locations worldwide, including Iraq, Colombia, and Venezuela. Expenses associated with the agent and employee security are of crucial concern. These costs are included in the contracted job scope.

There is always the possibility of a terrorist attack, and the kidnappings of these workers in such locations are common. That is why most multinational corporations are now held liable for omissions, corporate personnel actions, and inadequate protection that lead to personal harm or even death to their employees.

Larger corporations have considerable financial resources in addition to a battery of attorneys who will battle aggressively for their clients. This can terrify defendants, forcing them to back off a little. We are familiar with the legal system and its workings, and assist our clients with every facet of their cases.

Expert Negligent Security Lawyers In Key West

Our team of seasoned negligent security attorneys in Key West have successfully defended claimants and their families in these strenuous and unusual instances. These are time-sensitive situations, and our team of current and former commercial security specialists is prepared to respond immediately wherever you are in the world.

We are dedicated to securing the best possible outcome for our clients. We have assisted several impacted individuals in receiving the compensation they deserved. Our experience in this field is unmatched. The time, effort, and money we invest in each case result in the best possible outcomes for our clients.

Our legal specialists collaborate directly with you, thoroughly examining every aspect of your case to ensure you’re getting the finest counsel possible. With our firm handling your case, you can rest assured that you will obtain the best possible outcome.

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