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Assault, murder, bodily harm, or theft on commercial premises may lead to legal action against the owner of the property. Shopping centers, condominiums, restaurants, and hotel owners, among others, are expected to safeguard their customers, occupants, and employees using industry-standard security standards.

Silva & Silva’s The Hammocks negligent security attorneys have represented victims of crime against insufficient security at retail shops, clubs, athletic stadiums, hospitals, office buildings, and other commercial venues for many years.

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Property owners are expected by law to keep their property free of risks that might threaten the public and to notify people of the risk if a solution cannot be found. It is their responsibility to ensure that adequate safeguards are in place to protect people from harm or injury caused by attackers. Medical expenditures, missed wages, and other unforeseen losses may have to be paid by the owners to affected people in case of an attack or theft. Our The Hammocks negligent security lawyers have handled several cases comparable to this one.

It is imperative to realize that these attorneys are familiar with the legal language as well as the methods adopted by the accused’ health insurance and legal counsel while appealing for their clients. Because of our speed in seeking damages on their behalf, we are able to secure better results for our clients. Even if you initiated your claim due to negligence, you are eligible for a fast and reasonable settlement.

Amounts Recoverable in Cases of Negligent Security

There is no universal compensation formula. Some of these losses, however, are recoverable:

  • Medical expenses and other costs that a person incurs after an attack
  • Income loss because the person can’t return to work
  • Compensation for suffering/pain arising from the attack

Consultation with one of our experienced The Hammocks negligent security attorneys is the most practical and effective approach to determine if you have a legitimate claim in these scenarios. Your case will be reviewed swiftly, and a lawyer who has handled similar cases will advise you on the best legal options. They are used to dealing with such circumstances. Our legal team works relentlessly to guarantee that our clients get the finest results possible.

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