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On a business property, violence, murder, bodily harm, or theft may lead to legal action being launched against the estate’s owner. Owners of retail malls, condominiums, eateries, and hotels, among others, are required to safeguard their customers, residents, and personnel via the deployment of modern security measures.

Silva & Silva’s negligent security attorneys in Kendale Lakes have represented victims of crime in retail shops, clubs, sports arenas, clinics, office complexes, and other commercial venues for many years.

Attorneys For Negligent Security In Kendale Lakes

Property owners are obligated by law to ensure that their facility is free of hazards that might cause damage to individuals and to alert the public if solutions cannot be found. They are responsible for ensuring that sufficient security measures are in place to protect persons from harm or injury at the hands of perpetrators.

Owners may be compelled to reimburse affected persons for medical bills, missed wages, and other unforeseen losses in the case of an attack or theft. Our negligent security lawyers in Kendale Lakes have handled countless cases similar to this one.

It is crucial to note that these lawyers are familiar with the legal terminology as well as the techniques used by the perpetrator’s health insurance and defense consultants when appealing on their behalf. We can get better results for our clients because we pursue damages on their behalf promptly. Even if your claim was initiated as a result of negligence, you have the right to a fast and equitable settlement.

Amounts Recoverable in Cases of Negligent Security

There is no common compensation calculation. Several of these losses, however, are recoverable:

  • Reimbursement for any pain or suffering incurred as a result of the assault
  • Income loss as a result of the individual’s inability to return to work
  • Medical expenses and other out-of-pocket expenses incurred by an individual after an assault

Consultation with one of our experienced Kendale Lakes negligent security attorneys is the most dependable and effective method of determining if you have a valid claim in these situations. Your case will be assessed speedily, and you will be consoled on your legal options by an attorney with expertise in similar cases. They are used to dealing with such circumstances. Our legal team works relentlessly to get the best possible results for our clients.

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