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The owner may be held liable when an assault, murder, sexual abuse, or theft occurs on private property. Hotel and lodging administration, café and restaurant owners, shopping center owners, and shopping complex operators should take appropriate and customary security precautions to protect their customers from offenders and their workers. Silva & Silva’s negligent security attorneys in Fontainebleau have managed to help victims of crime in claims involving lax security at shopping malls, clubs, sporting venues, hospitals, and office properties.

Negligent Security Attorneys In Fontainebleau

Property owners are expected under the law to keep their grounds reasonably free of hazards that could harm the public at large and to issue a warning where this is not possible. To prevent criminals from having a free run and causing harm, owners must guarantee that the building is entirely secure. These are fundamental rules, but they are often disregarded, leading to injury/harm to others. A person who has been injured may very well be compensated for medical expenses, lost wages, and other similar damages.

Our Fontainebleau negligent security attorneys have processed thousands of cases concerning insufficient security. They are not only familiar with the law but also with the complexities of such cases and the techniques adopted by the defense and insurance carriers. This strategy enables us to recover damages efficiently and decisively, assuring the best potential conclusion. While the case may have been brought about by negligence, only a fair and fast resolution will put it all behind you.

Types Of Damages That You Can Recover In Negligent Security Cases

Compensation for a claimant varies according to the circumstances of their lawsuit. Typically, however, the following categories of damages are recoverable:

  • All healthcare costs were incurred as a result of the incident.
  • Earnings that the plaintiff is unable to generate while they are physically healing
  • Compensation for the incident’s psychological anguish

Contacting our skilled negligent security attorneys in Fontainebleau is the best and most dependable way to determine whether you have a viable negligent security claim. They deal with such situations daily and can immediately decide whether or not you have a compelling argument and which approaches will be most effective. We work non-stop to guarantee that our clients receive the best possible outcome on schedule. We recommend contacting us to schedule a complimentary discussion and case assessment. You can speak with us at 305-445-0011 or drop us a line via this Online Form, and we will call you back soon to discuss your case.

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