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Victims of crimes such as sexual violence, physical assault, and robberies, which occur on the premises of a negligently or insufficiently secured property, can seek compensation from the owner. Numerous regulations exist in the state that safeguards patrons, guests, consumers, and visitors to various business establishments.

Negligent Security Attorneys In Delray Beach

Silva & Silva’s Delray Beach negligent security lawyers are devoted to obtaining compensation for victims of intentional or negligent conduct. Our duty is to help you in prosecuting individuals and property owners who fail to maintain effective security.

Property owners are responsible to protect their premises effectively. Assaults and criminal activity are more prevalent in public spaces such as sports stadiums, shopping malls, hotels, office complexes, apartment buildings, entertainment venues, and concert venues.

Reasonable Basic Security Measures

In a social situation, individual circumstances determine the adoption of various security precautions. Is it safe to do business as usual in this section of town? Has it ever been a victim of criminal activity? This list includes a variety of security techniques that may be used in particular situations:

  • Security guards
  • Intercoms
  • Keyed entries
  • Gate points
  • Emergency phones or alarms
  • Lighted hallways and stairwell
  • Security cameras
  • Lighted parking garages and parking areas
  • Security patrols

Legal Expertise Of Negligent Security Attorneys In Delray Beach

Guards and security workers at Miami nightclubs have been known to behave forcefully when confronted by an enraged customer, resulting in severe injuries in certain instances. Businesses are responsible for employing, training, and directing security personnel to ensure the safety of their employees, visitors, and customers.

Property owners can be held liable for their employees’ carelessness when on the property. Our Delray Beach negligent security attorneys have extensive expertise with these types of situations. They are capable of obtaining substantial evidence that the property’s owner acted carelessly, resulting in injury to the customer while managing your case.

We are here to help you in getting the monetary compensation you are entitled to as a result of the property owner’s carelessness. We are always striving to offer our clients the most competent legal services possible. We are capable of providing good legal guidance regardless of the complexity of the issue.

We offer free consultations on claims against property owners where a person caused you harm or injury, so please get in touch with us. You can call us at 305-445-0011. Alternatively, drop us a line via this Online Form and we will call you back soon to discuss your case.

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