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When you place your wellbeing and general health in the hands of medical professionals, you need them to provide the finest treatment available. Additionally, you want them to act with integrity, professionalism, and tact. We must receive the best treatment possible from those who are in charge of our health, regardless of the hospital or other healthcare facility.

You are bound to be unhappy, though, if a doctor or a member of a medical staff violates their duty and you or a close relative suffers the repercussions. Often, medical malpractice wrongs can be rectified only through the judicial system. Silva & Silva has considerable expertise litigating medical malpractice lawsuits.

Our staff includes two board-certified physicians, which provides us with a particular approach on the medical aspects of these situations. Additionally, we maintain ties with renowned academics and professionals from top medical institutions, allowing our Sweetwater medical malpractice attorneys to conduct more complete investigations into incidents of medical negligence.


If you have been a victim of medical negligence, our experienced attorneys can help determine your legal options. We represent individuals and families in a range of medical malpractice cases, including those including the following:

• Emergency Room Error
• Misread Diagnostic Study
• Anesthesia Accident
• Prescription Errors
• Treatment Delays
• Failure to Provide The Right Treatment
• Cancer Malpractice
• Hospital Negligence
• Brain Injury
• Plastic Surgery Malpractice
• Pediatric Malpractice
• Other Kinds Of Medical Negligence


To receive necessary treatment, you rely on medical professionals, hospital employees, and the nursing staff. Everyone make errors occasionally, but when medical professionals breach your confidence and leave you in a far worse state than you were prior to the treatment, you lost trust in them. You may find yourself unable to afford growing medical expenditures, in addition to any health consequences related with their activity.

We have a strong financial base, which enables us to address these challenging and costly issues most effectively. Our professionals are here to assist you through this tough period, allowing you to concentrate on your rehabilitation. We will expertly handle every part of your medical malpractice case. You’ve already undergone enough distress; now, let our experts to conduct an investigation and aid you in achieving the just judgment you deserve.

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