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Doctors and nurses entrusted with treating a family member’s health must treat you with dignity, professionalism, and expertise. You should expect nothing but the best from the professionals charged with the care of your loved ones at a nursing home or hospital. You have every right to be outraged if medical personnel or your physician fails to do so. In most cases, the unfairness of medical negligence can only be corrected in a court of law.

Silva & Silva is uniquely qualified to handle matters involving medical malpractice, owing to our extensive experience in the sector. We have a significant edge in this area because we employ two board-certified medical professionals. Additionally, our Palm Beach Garden medical malpractice attorneys cooperate with specialists from some of the world’s most prestigious institutions, significantly improving our capacity to evaluate these cases.


If you or a close relative has been compromised as a result of a medical error, our experienced medical malpractice attorneys will aid you in navigating the complexity of your legalities. The following are just a few examples of successful medical malpractice lawsuits in which our company has represented the victims:

• Treatment delays
• Plastic surgery malpractice
• Prescription errors
• Radiation malpractice
• Hospital negligence
• Misread diagnostic study
• Brain injury
• Anesthesia accident
• Cancer malpractice
• Emergency room error
• Pediatric malpractice
• Failure to provide appropriate treatment
• Other medical negligence


We all have absolute confidence in our healthcare staff, consisting of our physicians, nurses, and other workers. When nurses and doctors fall short of their obligations, you find yourself in a worse situation than you were before seeking care. It leaves you with exorbitant medical bills and long-term health consequences.

We have all the resources necessary to support these complex and costly disputes. We’re here to assist you during this difficult time so that you can concentrate on recovering and restoring your wellness. Our professionals will handle the whole lawsuit, freeing you up to deal with other concerns. Allow us to manage this issue for you in the interest of your health and well-being.

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