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Silva & Silva is unequaled in litigating complicated medical malpractice cases. Two extraordinarily talented, board-certified physicians undertake in-depth medical examinations within the firm. Additionally, they collaborate with medical specialists and renowned researchers from some of the country’s most prestigious medical institutes and universities, including Stanford, Duke, and Yale. The legal procedure becomes more precise and uniform when we conduct such a study.


One of our physicians also works as an accomplished medical malpractice litigator at our legal firm. To analyze medical facts, he adopts a holistic approach that considers both the medical and legal implications. Silva & Silva clients benefit significantly in this aspect. Before taking cases on behalf of its clients, our practice thoroughly investigates the facts. Two of our legal specialists and clinical academics will decide extra-legal action as required.


Legal guidance in these medical malpractice disputes is provided by a team of skilled lawyers with extensive expertise in these situations. Misdiagnosis during pregnancy, misrepresentation of cardiac and cancer illnesses, and change of radiographic film situations are also examined. We have assisted people whose lives have been compromised due to substandard medical treatment, faulty surgery, and failure to identify serious infections such as meningitis.

Our legal team has assisted clients in obtaining millions of dollars in settlements against hospitals, physicians, and various emergency room departments throughout the years. Our Miami Shores law firm has an enviable reputation in this field.


We have substantial financial resources to assist us in achieving our goal of providing the best legal advice possible to our clients. Surveying lawsuits and witness testimonies throughout the nation is an expensive proposition. These strategies have sometimes necessitated our conducting investigations in Europe and Latin America. Additionally, trial preparation requires the time and money of attorneys and paralegals. Additionally, there are costs associated with experts that give visual and scientific assistance in the trial.

Consequently, our firm must devote significant resources to meeting our clients’ requirements for justice and obtaining the reparation they are entitled to. We do so without hesitation. As a result, we can provide our clients with the best service possible. This methodology distinguishes us from the great majority of other legal firms. For more information about how our medical malpractice attorneys in Miami Shores can help, call Silva & Silva at 305-445-0011, or email us through this Online Form.

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