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Silva & Silva is unrivaled when fighting difficult medical malpractice cases. Two extremely competent, board-certified doctors conduct in-depth medical exams within the firm. They also work with medical experts and well-known researchers from some of the most important medical institutions and universities in the United States, including Stanford, Duke, and Yale. When this kind of research is used, the legal process is more accurate and consistent.


At our law firm, one of our doctors also works as an experienced medical malpractice litigator. To assess medical information, he employs a comprehensive approach that evaluates everything from both a medical and legal standpoint. Clients of Silva & Silva get a significant advantage in this regard. Before accepting matters on behalf of our customers, we do a comprehensive study of the factual details. When it comes to extra-legal action, two of our in-house legal experts and clinical scholars will make the decision.


A team of medical malpractice attorneys with vast experience in these cases handles legal counsel in these types of litigation. Prenatal misdiagnosis, cardiac and cancer sickness misrepresentation, and alteration of radiographic film scenarios are also examined. We’ve assisted patients whose lives were jeopardized due to inferior medical care, failed surgery, and failure to diagnose severe illnesses like meningitis.

Our legal team has helped clients obtain millions of dollars in judgments and verdicts against hospitals, doctors, and ER departments over the years. Our Key West legal firm has an excellent reputation in this profession.


We have excellent financial resources to help us achieve our aim of offering the finest legal assistance to our customers. Monitoring lawsuits and witness statements throughout the country is a costly affair. These approaches have sometimes required us to conduct investigations in Europe and Latin America. Trial preparation also involves the time & expense of lawyers and paralegals. There are also expenses for scientists who provide graphic and scientific aid in the courtroom.

As a result, our firm must dedicate substantial resources to achieving our clients’ expectations for fairness and ensuring they get the restitution to which they are due. It is something we do without hesitation. Consequently, we can provide the best possible service to our clients. This strategy sets us apart from the overwhelming majority of other law firms. For more information about how our medical malpractice attorneys in Key West can help, call Silva & Silva at 305-445-0011, or email us through this Online Form.

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