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Silva & Silva’s expertise to prosecute complicated medical malpractice claims is unsurpassed. A team of two skilled, board-certified doctors analyses detailed medical data within the company. These experts also consult with highly qualified medical professionals and well-known academics from some of the nation’s most prestigious universities and recognized medical institutions, including Stanford, Duke, and Yale. This enables a more precise situation evaluation and streamlines the legal process.


One of our doctors is also a talented medical malpractice litigator at our legal practice. He believes that analyzing medical records includes studying them from medical and legal standpoints. Our clients benefit from a significant advantage in this area. Before accepting any case for clients, it is extensively investigated and assessed by two in-house legal experts and surgical academics to determine if further legal action is warranted.


Among the medical negligence claims handled by our experienced medical malpractice attorneys are wrongful births and infants born with physical and neurological abnormalities. Additionally, they handle instances involving the misdiagnosis of babies in utero, the misrepresentation of heart and cancer disorders, and the distortion of radiographic film situations.

We have assisted in cases involving irresponsible medicine prescriptions, faulty surgical operations, and failure to identify dangerous illnesses such as meningitis. We have supported our clients in securing multi-million dollar payments and verdicts against hospitals, doctors, and ER departments throughout the years. In this regard, our legal Firm in Hialeah has an enviable track record.


We can fund these kinds of endeavors because we have the financial means. Maintaining a remarkable medical history and deposition of facts and experts, plaintiffs, and defense throughout the United States is quite expensive. At times, these processes have expanded to Europe and Latin America. Additionally, trial preparation costs include lawyers’ and paralegals’ time, expenses, and independent experts that provide visual and technological support.

As a result, our Firm must invest heavily to satisfy its client’s quest for justice and ensure that they deserve the compensation. We always put our clients’ interests first, enabling us to get the most satisfactory answer possible for them. This approach sets us apart from the majority of other legal firms. For more information about how our medical malpractice attorneys in Hialeah can help, call Silva & Silva at 305-445-0011 or email us through this Online Form.

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