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Silva & Silva has a unique ability to handle complicated medical malpractice matters. A team of two board-certified doctors works in-house to analyze medical data and consult with retained skilled medical experts and recognized academics from some of the most prestigious universities and medical institutes in the United States, including Duke, Stanford, and Yale. This enables an accurate appraisal of the problem and assists in the legal processes.


One of our doctors is also a medical malpractice litigator at our legal Firm. For him, reviewing a medical record means looking at it from a medical and a legal standpoint. Silva & Silva’s clients have a distinct advantage in this area. Two in-house medical and legal academics will have previously extensively studied and assessed a client’s case before it is accepted by the Firm, determining whether it merits further legal action or not.


Among the medical malpractice cases handled by our medical malpractice attorneys are wrongful births, physical and neurological impairment in newborns, misdiagnosis of fetuses’ in utero, misdiagnosis of heart and cancer disease, radiological films’ representation, negligent prescription of drugs, negligent surgical interventions, the failure to diagnose various infectious diseases, including meningitis, and others. We have helped obtain multi-million dollar settlements and judgments on behalf of our clients in hundreds of instances over the years against hospitals, doctors, and emergency room departments.


We can fund these sorts of litigations because we have the financial means. There are significant expenditures connected with keeping prominent medical records and deposing facts and experts, claimants, along with defenders, throughout the United States. Sometimes these processes also extend to Europe and Latin America. In addition, the expenses of trial preparation include the time and money spent by lawyers and paralegals and external consultants to provide visual and technological aids.

Thus, to satisfy its client’s need for justice and compensate victims, this procedure requires a significant investment on the part of our Firm. We always keep our clients’ interests before everything else, which helps to ensure the best outcome for them. This aspect sets us apart from many other legal Firms in the region. For more information about how our medical malpractice attorneys in Coral Springs can help, call Silva & Silva at 305-445-0011 or email us through this Online Form.

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