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When you entrust physicians and nurses with your or your loved ones’ health and life, they must treat you with professionalism, competence, and respect. . Whether in a hospitals or a skilled nursing facility, we all have the right to expect the very best from those who are entrusted with our care. However, when a medical professional or staff member fails in their duties and you or someone you care about suffers as a result, you feel wronged. Oftentimes, only the judiciary can begin to rectify medical malpractice’s unfairness.

Silva & Silva has extensive experience with complicated medical malpractice matters. We have two board-certified doctors that work with us in house which gives us a unique perspective into the medical angles of these matters. We also collaborate with well-known academicians and experts from Ivy league medical institutions which helps our medical malpractice attorneys in Boynton Beach assess medical malpractice cases more thoroughly.


If you have experienced a loss as a result of medical negligence, a personal injury attorney can assist you comprehend your legal alternatives. We represent families and individuals in a variety of medical malpractice matters, including the following:

• Anesthesia Accident
• Prescription Errors
• Pediatric Malpractice
• Misread Diagnostic Study
• Treatment Delays
• Cancer Malpractice
• Radiation Malpractice
• Failure to Provide Appropriate Treatment
• Brain Injury
• Plastic Surgery Malpractice
• Emergency Room Error
• Hospital Negligence
• Other Medical Negligence


You have a high level of confidence in your physicians, nurses, and hospital personnel to provide you necessary treatment. Everyone makes mistakes, but when medical workers betray your confidence and leave you in a worse state than you were prior to treatment, you may begin to lose faith. You may be faced with progressively increasing medical expenses that you are unable to pay, as well as long-term health consequences.

We have a strong financial foundation that enables us to support these difficult and costly challenges. We are here to assist you during this trying period so that you may concentrate on adequately healing. We will take care of every detail of the medical malpractice lawsuit so that you do not have to. You’ve endured enough; allow us to work on the matter and seek justice for you.

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